Lost & Found


Every website needs images. Some clients have tons of great photos. Most have few to none. For those with none, the cheap route is to go with stock photography, right? Maybe not.

Rights to stock images are much cheaper to acquire than they used to be, but what about the research required to find anything decent? We found ourselves searching online for hours, sometimes with good results, but often coming up with nothing but embarrassingly lame images.

I’ve been interested in photography for years, and have provided work for several clients on occasion. A couple of years ago, frustrated with long searches that yielded disappointing results, I started quietly slipping some of my own photos into the sites I was building. I was surprised and delighted to find that our clients consistently loved them.

I then discovered that it was usually easier–and much more fun–to shoot exactly what was needed, than to search through the mountains of boring images in search of gold. Ultimately, it costs a little more, but the right photo has far more impact than “almost good enough”.

At any rate, it’s a service that we offer and something to consider. We hope you’ll peruse–and enjoy–our photo galleries.